What is ISO 27001 certification?

ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that an organisation has met the requirements of the international standard for information security.

This is hugely beneficial compared to simply following the Standard’s requirements, because it provides proof of the effectiveness of your security systems and satisfies the demands of clients and regulators.


The ISO 27001 certification process

Before organisations can certify to ISO 27001, they must pass a two-step audit:

  • Initial audit: An auditor will make sure the organisation’s ISMS (information security management system) has been developed in line with the Standard’s requirements. The organisation must provide evidence of all key aspects of the ISMS. How much they need to show depends on the requirements of the certification body conducting the audit.
  • Full audit: If the organisation passes the initial audit, the auditor will carry out a more thorough examination. This involves an assessment of the organisation’s policies and procedures and a review of how they work in practice. The auditor will also interview key members of staff.


Prepare for success with IT Governance

It’s always a good idea to conduct an internal audit before you seek certification. This gives you the opportunity to address any areas of non-compliance without suffering the costs associated with a failed audit.

However, you should be aware that internal audits are prone to bias. When someone inside your organisation conducts the assessment, they might feel pressured to give a favourable review to satisfy their bosses and colleagues.

You can avoid this by outsourcing your internal audit to a third party, such as IT Governance. Our experienced lead auditors will provide a comprehensive assessment of your organisation and identify the steps you must take to ensure you pass your certification audit.

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