Unleashing Cloud Computing in Europe – Are You Ready?

With the new strategy from the European Commissioner encouraging more business and government productivity via cloud computing, Europe is hoping it will create millions of new jobs and boost the EU GDP by €160 million.

Cloud computing is the storage of data on software on remote computers which users can access over the Internet on any device and at any location (as long as they have an internet connection). The ‘cloud’ itself is a virtualisation of resources – networks, servers, applications, data storage and services – allowing the end user on-demand access. These resources can be provided with minimal management or service provider interaction.

The strategy, titled ‘Unleashing the potential of cloud computing in Europe’, contains key actions such as:

  • Simplifying technical standards so that cloud users get interoperability, data portability and reversibility
  •  Supporting certification schemes for trustworthy cloud providers
  • Developing ‘safe and fair’ contract terms for cloud providers
  • A partnership with member states to shape the European cloud market.

Although cloud computing has proven to offer 80% of organisations adopting the cloud to save at least 10-20%, many organisations are deterred from adopting cloud solutions due to the absence of common standards and clear contracts. Lack of formality within the cloud computing world has caused many organisations to be unsure of whether customer and confidential data will be safe in the cloud and who will resolve legal disputes.

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Source: Europa

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