Top 5 IT Service Management Tips

IT service management will come under the spotlight in the New Year as emerging technologies and risks shape the industry. There will be a greater demand for an accelerated delivery of services and a pressure for IT services to implement ITSM cost-effectively.

Here are our top tips to beat these demands and kick-start your ITSM project:

1. Cost-effectively implement best practice ITSM

Implementing best-practice IT service management not only ensures you are improving customer satisfaction and relationships with better reliability and quality of service, it will also give your service desk a competitive advantage. The ITSM, ITIL & ISO/IEC 20000 toolkit is accredited by APMG and will provide you with the pre-written documentation to cost-effectively implement ITSM in line with ITIL and ISO20000.

2. Measure your success

Measuring the success of your IT service desk will become ever more crucial as senior management hone down on overspending and look at ways to cut costs. To prove your IT department’s worth, it is vital that you assess your IT service metrics and make them work for you. Learn more with The Definitive Guide to IT Service Metrics.

3. Manage ITIL like never before

As more companies begin an adopt/adapt initiative based on ITIL guidance, they quickly realise that looking at single processes in isolation is not enough. To benefit fully from the framework, companies have to look at the relationships between processes, understanding upstream and downstream impacts. It’s All About Relationships: What ITIL® doesn’t tell you will help you develop harmonized ITIL processes for smarter service management.

4. Deal with the increased demand for accelerated delivery

As technology improves, your customers want service delivered fast. In a survey conducted by LivePerson, 31% of customers wanted online help immediately and 40% wanted help within 5 minutes. Therefore there is real pressure for IT service desks to deliver and to deliver fast. Official guidance from the ITIL Lifecycle Essentials will provide you with direction on service strategy, design, transition, operation and improvement to improve your response rates.

5. Qualify your team

By having a skilled ITIL workforce at your service desk can bring a whole host of benefits including enhanced knowledge of ITSM best practices, a deeper understanding of business requirements, increased customer satisfaction, and a reduced response time to customer queries.

IT Governance provides official reading material to accompany your ITIL studies. Popular titles include:

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