Teamwork is key to your organisation’s cyber security

The World Cup is almost over. What was a thoroughly enjoyable tournament included a number of unexpected results and upsets.

Many people were shocked to see Germany crash out at the group stages, and very few predicted that Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar would be watching the semi-finals rather than playing in them. These footballing greats were beaten by sides in which everyone knew their roles and gave heroic displays of teamwork to defy the odds and carry their team forward.

Many organisations can learn a lot from this World Cup and the value of teamwork to ensure everyone is aware of their role in keeping the company secure.

Threats to an organisation can come in many forms, from a phishing email or social engineering call to a direct attack on a network. Staff awareness is key to ensuring an organisation is secure. All members of staff need to be able to spot suspicious activity and, more importantly, know who to report this to, to ensure it is properly dealt with. This message needs to be communicated from the top down.

If there’s one thing this World Cup has proved, it’s that winning is a team effort and you need more than just one or two-star players.


How to engage your staff

Ensuring that your employees are up to date with compliance requirements is time-consuming and can be costly, especially for larger organisations. That’s why we’ve developed staff awareness e-learning courses that offer a hassle-free and cost-effective training solution.


Benefits of e-learning courses

  • Lower delivery price than classroom training.
  • Minimal disruption to everyday working.
  • Consistency of teaching and outcomes.
  • Learn whenever and wherever you prefer.
  • Less environmental impact.
  • Updates and personalisation available.
  • Be in control of your staff awareness programme.

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