Streamline your risk assessments

risk assessment enables you to identify, analyse and evaluate your organisation’s risk. By identifying the risks within your organisation, you can prepare for and mitigate potential threats. 

Risk assessments are core within many standards, including ISO 27001, the international standard that describes best practice for an information security management system (ISMS). ISO 27001 requires an organisation’s ISMS to be continually reviewed, updated and improved to ensure it is functioning optimally and adjusting to the constantly changing threat environment. 

Risk assessments can be time-consuming and complicated. Spreadsheets are commonly used but can be challenging to set up and maintain, and are prone to user input errors. 

Failure to conduct accurate risk assessments could result in your organisation overlooking, underestimating or neglecting risks that could be severely damaging. 

Simplify the process 

Risk assessment software eliminates the need for spreadsheets, and ensures that assessments are produced accurately and easily. 

Fully aligned with ISO 27001, vsRisk™ helps you deliver fast, accurate and hassle-free risk assessments and eliminates the need for spreadsheets. 

The tool enables you to automate your information security risk assessments, saving 80% of your time and cutting consultancy costs. 

As part of the fast setup process, users are able to set their risk acceptance criteria and adjust the scales to measure the likelihood and impact of individual risks. You can then identify risks by selecting assets, threats and vulnerabilities, and applying controls to reduce the risk to an acceptable level. 

Suitable for organisations of all sizes, vsRisk can help you ensure your cyber security controls are appropriate to the risks your organisation faces. 

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