Six cyber security concerns from European cyber security professionals

The 2017 Black Hat Europe Attendee Survey reveals cyber security professionals’ concerns about the current European cyber security environment.

These concerns highlight why the introduction of the Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems (NIS Directive) in May 2018 is so vital to protecting the EU’s infrastructures from security breaches.

Source: The 2017 Black Hat Europe Attendee Survey

The NIS Directive requires operators of essential services (OESs) and digital service providers (DSPs) in the EU to implement cyber resilience programmes that incorporate:

  • Robust cyber security defences;
  • Adequate cyber risk preventative measures; and
  • Appropriate tools and systems to deal with and report incidents and data breaches.

How IT Governance can help with NIS Directive compliance

IT Governance provides a comprehensive set of cyber resilience solutions to help you comply with the NIS Directive, and to ensure continued compliance with the Directive once it is transposed into law:

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