Questions you should ask when choosing a cyber training course

So, you’ve decided to gain a cyber security qualification. Perhaps your boss requested that you get one, maybe you realised it’ll boost your chances of a promotion, or you might be trying to break into the industry.

Whatever your reason, a qualification can reshape your career, so it’s important think carefully before diving in. Cyber security is a broad topic with a wide variety of qualifications, and you must pick the course that best suits your skills and interests.

To help you make that choice, we’ve outlined a few questions you should answer.


Choosing your career path

A good question to start with is ‘What sort of day-to-day routine do I want?’ Are you the sort of person who prefers hands-on work, or would you be better behind a keyboard? Do you aspire to be a manager, or do you like the freedom of being your own boss?

The cyber security industry offers all kinds of jobs, so you can be certain of finding something that suits you.

An equally important question is ‘What jobs would I be good at?’ For example, if you have strong attention to detail, you’d be well-suited for auditing. If you’re good at programming, you should consider security software development or ethical hacking.

If you’re unsure what job roles align with your skills, try typing the skill and ‘cyber security’ into a job search site. This will also give you an idea of the job description and the average salary.


Your journey starts here

Once you have an idea of the kind of job you’d be interested in, it’s time to learn how you can gain the relevant qualifications. That’s where IT Governance’s career guide comes in.

We explain how to achieve most common industry-recognised qualifications, and share our tips for building a career in cyber security and data privacy.

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