No organisation is immune to cyber attacks

Hackers are becoming more skilled and sophisticated, and this is leaving Irish business owners and their systems extremely vulnerable and unable to protect themselves against cyber security threats. One of the most common tools a company can use to defend themselves against hackers is a penetration test. During a penetration test, an ethical hacker utilises the same techniques as a criminal hacker to gain access to your systems and expose weaknesses in your infrastructure before real hackers do.


Connecting compliance with penetration testing

The GDPR came into force in May of this year and part of the regulation requires companies to ensure that any data they hold on a person is not compromised in anyway. If your systems go under a cyber attack, personal data can become compromised and if this happens it can leave you wide open to large penalties and fines. 

Web Application Penetration Test would be the best approach to help secure personal data in your network. This test can also help you meet the requirements of PCI DSS and ISO 27001. 

Free download – Assured Security: Getting cyber secure with penetration testing

This free green paper will teach you how to keep your business secure and safe from cyber-attacks with cost-effective penetration testing. 

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For more information and guidance on penetration testing or packages IT Governance offers, please contact our experts who will be able to discuss your organisations needs further. 

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