Millions of Netflix subscribers targeted by phishing scam

Netflix has become the most recent platform to be targeted by a large-scale phishing attack, with millions of subscribers targeted.

A phony email threatening to suspend user accounts was sent to subscribers of the streaming service if they did not update their account details within 48 hours.

Subscribers who clicked the link were directed to a fake Netflix homepage where they were asked to enter personal details, including credit card details.

A report from Deadline claims that 110 million users have been targeted by the phishing scam.

Phishing scams are still one of the most popular methods used by criminals to gain access to your personal details and are often successful as they rely on human error and trickery to masquerade as a legitimate service. It is extremely important that you treat emails from platforms asking for your details with due diligence in assessing whether the email is legitimate or a scam.

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