Locky Ransomware Targets 23 million email accounts

In one of the largest malware campaigns in this half of the year, a formerly outdated strain of ransomware has just been used to target as many as 23 million email accounts, researchers claim.

All of the emails were sent over a 24-hour period, with the attacks spiking on Monday morning as US employees started work and European employees were mid-way through their day.

In an effort to increase the chances of someone opening the infected emails, they used subject lines like “Please print”, “documents” and “scans”.

The infected file was hidden in a zip folder. When this file is opened, it downloads the latest version of the ransomware, which encrypts all of the files on the computer.

The criminals who carried out this attack demanded that victims would have to pay in bitcoin in order to be able to decrypt the files on the computer. This is one of the most common methods cyber criminals use to extort money from their victims. Locky rose to prominence in 2016 as one of the highest-profile types of ransomware. Locky’s sudden resurgence shows how much of a threat it remains, especially as there still isn’t a decryption tool available and the criminals behind the software are continually working to make it stronger.


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