Latest phishing attack targets Amazon Seller accounts

Criminal hackers are pushing boat out with the latest phishing scam targeting unsuspecting German victims. 

The email scam sends recipients what appears to be a tax invoice from Amazon, instructing the recipient to enter their Amazon Seller account login details to access it. 


Image of translated phishing email via Bleeping computer

Image of translated phishing email via Bleeping computer


However, the login box wacreated with JavaScript, which submitted the entered credentials to an illegitimate website instead of the official one. 

Once the recipient added their credentials, the cyber criminal gained complete access to the victims account, enabling them to use it as if their own 


How to spot the scam

Although this particular scam wadifficult to spot, requiring the user to be vigilant, there are subtle differences between a legitimate email from Amazon and a fake. The design may look real, but hovering over the URL would tell you that you are being led to an illegitimate website. 


Prevent phishing attacks in your organisation

Phishing and ransomware staff awareness courseThe trick is to remember this and other clues so that you can spot a suspicious email before it’s too late.   

Organisations that want to make their employees more vigilant should consider Phishing and Ransomware – Human patch e-learning course.  

This online training course is the perfect introduction to phishing, providing a crash course in email-based threats. In just a few minutes, you and your staff will understand what phishing is, how it works and what to look out for.  

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