Just 38% of Irish websites are ready for the GDPR

Research carried out by vpnMentor shows that 38% of Irish websites are ready, which leaves 62% that are not yet ready for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The company tested more than 2,500 websites in the EU that need to comply with the GDPR, targeting those that use MailChimp and reviewing their privacy policies to see if they complied.

100 websites were sampled in each country; of those tested in Ireland, just 38 had correctly updated their privacy policy. This placed Ireland 10th on the list, behind Spain, Italy, Austria and Germany, among others. The UK was 13th, with 31% of companies adequately prepared.


Get help producing GDPR-compliant documentation

Documenting compliance may be one of the most manually intensive parts of meeting the GDPR’s requirements. To help you produce GDPR-compliant documentation quickly and easily, we have published the GDPR Documentation Toolkit.

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  • Templates for creating clear and accurate privacy notices;
  • Data breach notification process and procedures;
  • Subject access request templates and procedures;
  • An international data transfer procedure;
  • Consent form templates;
  • Data protection impact assessment templates and procedures; and
  • Important information security policies and procedures to keep your information secure.

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