July book of the month: A bumper ISO 27001 edition

Every month, IT Governance selects a book of the month from our extensive catalogue of cyber security guides, but this month we’ve been decided that one book just wasn’t enough. That’s why we’ve picked The ISO 27001 Expertise Bundle, which comprises four invaluable guides to help you understand and implement the information security standard. 

Here’s an overview of each book and why you need it.


1.The Case for ISO27001:2013

With essential information from Alan Calder, ISO 27001 expert and founder and chief executive of IT Governance, this book provides a clear and concise introduction to the Standard, and is a perfect supporting text for an ISO 27001 project proposal. 

It explains how ISO 27001 gives organisations a reliable framework for creating an ISMS (information security management system), which helps them combat cyber crime, avoid accidental breaches and boost their corporate governance.


2. The True Cost of Information Security Breaches and Cyber Crime

Even though most organisations are aware of the importance of information security, some still struggle to understand what a breach would mean from a business management perspective. Michael Krausz and Professor John Walker aim to correct this, using case studies to illustrate possible breach scenarios and their costs. 

The authors explain how managers can use the same techniques to determine the cost of a breach for their organisation.


3. Selling Information Security to the Board – A Primer

This pocket guide equips you with the sales skills you need to persuade your board to commit money and resources to your information security initiatives. Author Alan Calder explains: 

  • Basic sales techniques to capture management’s attention and win them over; 
  • How to present yourself to ensure your proposal receives a proper hearing; 
  • How to earn management’s trust and demonstrate that you’re interested in supporting the organisation’s success; and 
  • How to craft a successful proposal that communicates your ideas effectively.


4. Nine Steps to Success – An ISO 27001 Implementation Overview

This guide gives anyone tackling the Standard for the first time the guidance and direction they need to make their implementation project a success. 

It details the nine key steps that organisations should take between the inception of their ISO 27001 project to gaining accredited certification to the Standard. Each element of the project is explained in simple, non-technical language, meaning you don’t need an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Standard to get the most out of this guide. 

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