IT Governance certified training now available in Amsterdam

IT Governance Europe is delighted to announce the launch of our latest classroom training courses in Amsterdam.  

Starting in 2020, they offer attendees a structured learning path from foundation to advanced level, and enable IT, privacy and security practitioners to develop the skills needed to deliver best practice and compliance in organisations of all sizes.  

Continual professional development is key in all industries. Gaining and documenting skills, knowledge and experience – whether formally or informally – will help you progress in your career and increase your peer recognition.


Why IT Governance Europe?

We are a leading global provider of cyber risk and privacy management solutions, with a special focus on cyber resilience, data protection, the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), ISO 27001 and cyber security. 

Our training courses take a practical, hands-on approach, delivered by experienced practitioners, and focus on improving knowledge, developing skills and awarding certification. 


What course attendees say

I recently had the privilege of attending one of Steven’s ISO27K Lead Implementer Master classes. Following many recommendations I had high expectations. I was not disappointed. Steve was an excellent instructor and took the time to weave the individual interests and concerns of each of his students into the delivery of the course.

As a former Instructor I cannot commend him highly enough. As a student  he and IT Governance exceeded all expectations. Thank you.” 

– Kevin Ingleby, Intranos Ltd 


The day gave a good ‘taste’ of PCI DSS. It definitely stimulates the mind to want to know more.” 

– Kelly Yates, Programme Manager, Visa Europe 



Certified GDPR training courses

Certified GDPR Foundation Training Course 

Certified GDPR Foundation Training Course in AmsterdamGet a comprehensive introduction to the GDPR and a practical understanding of the implications and legal requirements for organisations in this one-day course. 

Dates available: 11 May 2020 and 5 October 2020 


Certified GDPR Practitioner Training Course 

Certified GDPR Practitioner Training Course in AmsterdamGain the knowledge and skills to implement, and maintain, an effective compliance programme under the GDPR with this four-day certificated course. 

Dates available: 1215 May 2020 and 69 October 2020 


Certified Data Protection Officer (C-DPO) Training Course 

Certified Data Protection Officer (C-DPO) Training Course in AmsterdamLearn how to fulfil the DPO role as defined by the GDPR on this four-day certificated training course. 

Date available: 2023 October 2020 


Certified Data Protection Officer (C-DPO) Accelerated Training Course 

Certified Data Protection Officer (C-DPO) Accelerated Training Course in AmsterdamGain the knowledge and skills to act as a DPO in the EU and ensure that GDPR compliance is effectively designed, implemented and maintained with this two-day certificated training course. 

Date available: 89 December 2020 



Certified ISO 27001 training courses

Certified ISO 27001 ISMS Foundation Training Course 

Certified ISO 27001 ISMS Foundation Training Course in AmsterdamTake the first steps towards building a career in ISO 27001 with this one-day introductory course on the key elements required to achieve compliance with the Standard. 

Date available: 7 July 2020 


Certified ISO 27001 ISMS Lead Implementer Training Course 

Certified ISO 27001 ISMS Lead Implementer Training Course in AmsterdamThis three-day fully accredited interactive classroom course covers the nine key steps involved in planning, implementing and maintaining an ISO 27001-compliant ISMS (information security management system).  

Date available: 810 July 2020 


Certified ISO 27001 ISMS Lead Auditor Training Course 

Certified ISO 27001 ISMS Lead Auditor Training Course in AmsterdamBuild your career as a lead auditor, lead a team of auditors and gain the skills to achieve compliance with ISO 27001 with this five-day course. By attending and passing the course exam, you will achieve the ISO 27001 Certified ISMS Lead Auditor (CIS LA) qualification. 

Dates available: 1115 May 2020 and 2125 September 2020 



Certified PCI DSS training courses

PCI DSS Foundation Training Course 

PCI DSS Foundation Training Course in AmsterdamThis one-day Foundation course has been designed for those who want to learn how the PCI DSS is implemented. It outlines the importance of the Standard to all organisations processing, storing or transmitting credit card information. 

Date available: 26 May 2020 


PCI DSS Implementation Training Course 

PCI DSS Implementation Training Course in AmsterdamThis three-day course, aimed at those responsible for implementing and managing PCI DSS compliance, has a deeper focus on the Standard and its implementation.  

Date available: 2628 May 2020 

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