ISO 27001 compliance might be easier than you think

Want to know how you can protect your organisation from cyber attacks and data breaches? Who doesn’t? That’s why you should take our ISO 27001 self-assessment questionnaire. 

This five-minute survey asks you about your current defence measures and explains how you can align your practices with ISO 27001, the international standard for information security.


What does ISO 27001 do? 

ISO 27001 is a framework that helps organisations identify and address their information security risks.  

Unlike a lot of security advice, which provides prescriptive solutions to broad risks, ISO 27001 acknowledges that every organisation faces unique problemsAs such, the Standard is centred around the risk assessment process, in which you base your solutions around your biggest priorities. 


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Our survey gives you a picture of your organisation’s risks, how closely aligned your current set-up is to ISO 27001’s requirements and the steps you should take to become compliant. 

Many organisations are reluctant to undertake an ISO 27001 implementation project because they think it will be too expensive and time-consuming. However, the survey might reveal that you’re a lot closer to compliance than you thought. 

By completing the survey, you’ll also receive a free compliance report. It contains further tips on the steps you can take to meet the Standard’s requirements and suggests ways you can accelerate compliance, like template documentation.


Want help planning for ISO 27001 implementation?

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