Irish customers affected by data breach

It has been confirmed that Irish customers were among those affected by the data breach.

The website has sent compromised customers an email advising that their usernames, passwords and email addresses, and the last four digits of stored credit card numbers were potentially stolen last month.

The Texas-headquartered company is part of the Expedia organisation, along with similar sites such as Trivago and Hotwire. It has hundreds of thousands of hotels around the world on its books, including independent and major chain hotels as well as bed and breakfasts, and resorts. said “It is important to note that we are not aware of any evidence that information accessed has been misused, however we suspect that certain customer accounts may have been accessed by an unauthorized user following a breach of other brands’ websites”.

Unfortunately, data breaches such as these are becoming a fact of life online. If you set up an account on or a similar site that is part of the Expedia organisation, it would be best to change your password immediately. Protect yourself by creating strong passwords that are unique to every site – you should never reuse passwords on multiple sites.

If you receive an email from claiming your account was hacked and prompting you to change your password, there is a danger that such an email could be part of a larger scam. If you want to change your password, you should do so by navigating directly to the official website or app instead of clicking on a link received in an email.

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