Ireland’s data watchdog deals with 1,300 GDPR queries

Since the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25 May 2018, Ireland’s data watchdog has dealt with 1,300 GDPR queries, and 60 data breaches have been logged by organisations.

The watchdog began receiving the first complaints when the law was implemented last month, and has also begun to receive notifications from organisations about possible data breaches. Most of these issues are being dealt with under the GDPR.

The majority of these queries were logged by individuals who have concerns or complaints about how their personal data is being handled. These concerns are mainly logged by phone or email.

According to the Data Protection Commission (DPC), there are already ten cases in the assessment stage that fall under breach of the GDPR and will be handled accordingly. Some of the complaints refer to cases before 25 May and therefore fall under the previous Irish data protection laws.

Ireland’s DPC has also been notified of a number of cases by other supervisory authorities throughout Europe under the new ‘one-stop shop’ cooperation mechanism.

Of the 60 data breaches logged with the DPC, just over half of these relate to breaches that occurred post-25 May and are being dealt with under the GDPR framework. Under the new Regulation, organisations have 72 hours to report personal data breaches that present a risk to the individuals involved.

It seems Ireland’s data watchdog is extremely active in handling and responding to GDPR issues, and sticking by its promise that it will no longer be ‘business as usual’ for Irish organisations.

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