Interested in GDPR & ISO 27001 Gap Analysis tools?

Are you feeling the strain from your data protection obligations? Staying secure can seem like impossible, not to mention expensive and time-consuming. 

We understand your concerns, but we’re also aware that nothing is as importance as effective information security.

Stay secure with ISO 27001’s best-practice advice 

Any organisation looking to secure its information should use ISO 27001 as a guide. The Standard describes best practice for implementing and maintaining an ISMS (information security management system), enabling you protect and manage your data protection processes in one place.

Achieving accredited certification to ISO 27001 helps prevent data breaches and demonstrates to clients to customers that you’re doing all that you can to stay secure. 

Alternatively, you can simply use the Standard’s framework as the basis of your information security processes without seeking certification. This is a cheaper and less strenuous option, but you’ll lose out on the full benefits of certification. 

Whatever your goal is, our gap analysis tool can help you through the compliance process. It contains: 

  • A set of sample audit questions; 
  • A list of ISO 27001’s requirements, identifying where documentation is mandatory for compliance; 
  • A clear, colour-coded, subclause-by-subclause report on the state of organisational compliance; and 
  • An executive summary, displaying the results of your compliance in a clear table, so that you are able to report on your results and measure the closure of gaps. 

Learn more about our ISO 27001 Gap Analysis Tool >> 

Ensure your organisation is GDPR-compliant 

The GDPR overhauled the data protection landscape when it came into effect in May 2018. However, compliance wasn’t a one-time effort. You need to maintain the processes you implemented and adapt as your business operations evolve. 

With our gap assessment tool, you can review your compliance status, identifying areas where you have fallen short of the Regulation’s requirements. It contains: 

  • An executive summary, which you can use to view your compliance status; 
  • The main gap analysis tool; 
  • A process analysis tool; and 
  • A data list designed to help you fill in the process analysis tool. 

Learn more about our EU GDPR Compliance Gap Assessment Tool >> 


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