How quickly could you recover from a cyber-attack?

Cyber resilience is an essential part of your business and should no longer be an afterthought and a cost. According to Cyber Security expert Alan Calder and Forbes Magazine, cyber resilience will replace cyber security in 2014.

To understand if you’re prepared for an attack, you need to consider:

  • How quickly could your organisation recover from a cyber-attack?
  • What measures do you currently have in place?
  • Can your existing information security measures and business continuity/DR activities provide the business resilience that your directors demand?

If you are left staring at the screen with a blank expression for most of these answers, then it’s probably a good idea to read up about cyber resilience and discover how it can positively benefit your organisation. Cyber resilience is an essential requirement for the survival and growth of all private and public sector organisations worldwide.

Download our Cyber Resilience Green Paper to understand why it’s important for your organisation, and how to develop a cyber resilience strategy.

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