Hackers claim theft of entire Serbian national database

A group of cyber criminals claims to have hacked into the Serbian state network and stolen the entire national database, according to local news sources Blic and InSerbia News.

In an email the hackers sent to the Serbian daily Blic, they enclosed a screenshot of the data and wrote: “We have whole Serbia in our hand. We have almost all information about the Serbian citizens starting from ID numbers to what they do, where they work, live, their phone numbers”.

The hackers claim that they have done this for three reasons:

  1. “The first and main reason is that our cyber police chases exclusively Serbian hackers while it ignores Albanian hackers.”
  2. They want to show Serbian nationals that their privacy is threatened
  3. That the Serbian state security system is weak and needs to take more care

The leaked screenshot contains names and addresses of Serbian citizens.

Serbian national databaseThe Serbian Government is yet to confirm the data breach, but if it is true, 7.2 million Serbians are at risk from fraud and identity theft.


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