Google increases security against phishing plugins

From now on it is going to be harder for you to accidentally install malicious plugins, according to Google. The company has made changes to the way Google services handle plugins, introducing warnings and required verification to install plugins and apps. As a result, apps plugging into Google services will be under more scrutiny, and suspicious apps will receive more attention from the company.

Google increases security against phishing pluginsA sophisticated phishing worm attacked Google Drives in May by appearing as an invitation to edit a Google document. This triggered the need to increase security against such plugins. Although the app was not controlled by Google, the fact that it was named ‘Google Docs’ tricked users into granting access to their Drives. Once access was granted, the phishing worm sent a new request to itself to all the user’s contacts, allowing the app to spread. The app had reached tens of thousands of users before Google was able to blacklist it.


Compromised and malicious plugins remain a significant security risk for Google and other service platform providers. However, the new changes will hopefully mean a repeat of May’s attack is much less likely to succeed. Could you spot a phishing email?


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