Google Chrome increases security against phishing pages

Google has taken further action to help protect Gmail users against an ever-increasing number of phishing websites.

Google has updated its Safe Browsing technology to help highlight potential phishing websites that have been set up to capture login details and passwords. This new predictive phishing protection has been developed to prevent users from entering details that would then be used in attacks moments later.

The technology currently protects only Google account details, but it will extend to all passwords saved in Chrome’s password manager. It will also be available on Safari, Firefox, Snapchat and all other applications that use Safe Browsing.


Google has also introduced the Advanced Protection Programme for any Gmail user at high risk of being targeted online. Once an account is signed up to the service, the user must either sign in with a USB secure key on a PC or on a Bluetooth-enabled security key for accessing Gmail on a mobile device. The keys cost about $20 each (about €17) but will greatly increase security on your account.



In order to make sure only the account holder can sign in, the keys use public-key cryptography and digital signatures. An attacker would need both the account password and the physical key to gain access to the account.



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