GDPR Webinar: GDPR requirements for Cloud-based applications

Soon after the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became law, IT Governance started running free webinars to raise awareness of the impact the Regulation can have and to help businesses understand how to comply.

IT Governance has joined forces with DataStax to help businesses understand the compliance requirements for Cloud-based applications.

IT Governance’s founder and executive chairman, Alan Calder, and DataStax’s Solutions Engineer Manager, Tim Vincent, will deliver the “GDPR requirements for Cloud-based applications” webinar to equip professionals involved in GDPR compliance with a comprehensive understanding of the Regulation’s requirements for Cloud-based applications.

Cloud-based application providers recognise that complying with the GDPR can be a complex project that demands time, skills and resources.
The webinar will take place on Tuesday, 11 April 2017, from 10:00 – 10:45am (GMT), followed by 15-minute Q&A session to answer any questions related to this topic.

The key areas discussed in this webinar are: 

  • An overview of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • The GDPR compliance principles, ‘privacy by design’ and ‘privacy by default’.
  • The GDPR’s impact on Cloud-based applications, business policies and processes.
  • Data subjects’ rights, breach notification obligations and the Regulation’s effect on customer experience.
  • The technical and organisational measures applicable to Cloud-based applications.
  • Meeting the stringent data security requirements under the GDPR.
  • ISO 27018 and implementing security controls for PII stored in Cloud-based applications.


Please note: This webinar is run in partnership with DataStax, and your personal data will be shared for follow-up purposes.

Get started on the GDPR basics

People who are still in the early stages of managing GDPR compliance can learn about the Regulation’s requirements and get started on the basics with our “First steps towards GDPR compliance” webinar.  

Learn about specific GDPR requirements

Moreover, IT Governance runs webinars that focus on the implications of the GDPR and the key actions your business should take before the Regulation comes into effect on 25 May 2018.

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