European IT-GRC job market to ‘explode’ over the next two years

As you’ve probably noticed from the news, it seems a week can’t pass without a security breach being announced. eBay, Target, AOL, Sony, Adobe, Nintendo, Domino’s Pizza (France)… You name it, they’ve had it. So what does this spell out to the rest of business? Does it mean you’re next?

European IT-GRC job market

Organisations are under more and more pressure to properly secure the data they collect and do so in a manner that is recognised by stakeholders. Otherwise, they leave themselves open to serious legal threats and potential financial disaster. According to the PCI Security Council, 71% of data breaches target small businesses and 60% of small businesses close within six months of experiencing a data breach.  Therefore, organisations are putting increased focus on data governance and consequently there is a rise in jobs in this field.

New European data protection legislation is due to come into effect later this year, and will put increased pressure on European organisations to meet the European Commissioner’s (EC) high standards. Organisations will have a two-year transition period to comply with this legislation, after which they will no longer be able to regulate themselves. Alan Rafferty, formerly of Bank of Ireland, GM and Goldman Sachs and now the COO of, commented on the new EU data protection legislation:

“You need to know you’re secure, be able to say how you know that and be able to prove it when you need to.”

EU organisations need to shift their focus to audits, risk assessments and information security best practices, all of which need to be led by top cyber security experts who know what they’re doing – hence the boom in IT-GRC jobs.

Other entities have commented on the uplift in the IT-GRC job market:

  • The European Commission says that Cloud Computing has the potential to employ ‘millions in Europe’ by 2020.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that cyber security jobs are expected to grow 53% by 2018. The number of advertisements for cyber security positions doubled in 2013 alone.
  • There are currently 1 million unfilled cyber security jobs worldwide, says CISCO.

IT Governance, the global provider of information security, risk management and compliance products and services, is on hand to help European organisations prepare for the expected growth in IT-GRC. With accredited training pathways and tools developed by industry experts, IT Governance provides a one-stop shop for EU organisations looking to secure their information.

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