European Data Protection Day 2014: Looking to the future

Today marks Data Protection Day in Europe, distinguishing the signing of an international treaty to do with privacy and data protection from 1981.

Two years ago the EU data protection reform was proposed in aid to benefit citizens who want to be able to trust online services. The European Commission wanted the individual to have more control over their data, including the right to be forgotten, easier access to their own data and the right to know when their data has been hacked. These proposals are likely to be adopted in April 2014.

With more power to be given to the consumer, businesses throughout Europe will have to strengthen their information security management systems (ISMS) and data privacy controls so that they fall in line with the proposals. If businesses fail to comply, or incur a data breach, the proposed regulations will see compromised organisations facing fines of up to €100m, or 5% of their annual worldwide turnover.

Can your business afford a €100m fine?

We thought not….so we’re encouraging organisations to act before it’s too late.  With data protection within the EU being a “fundamental right”, data privacy will be a hot topic for 2014 and nearly all organisations will have to strengthen and/or adapt their information policies in one way or another.

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