EU invests €50bn in cloud computing project

The use of Cloud Computing has increased tremendously over the last five or six years, but it’s not increasing as quickly as it could. According to the European Commission, Cloud Computing has the potential to employ 2.5 million in Europe by 2020, so what’s stopping it?

Cloud computing
CloudCatalyst, a European Union-funded project, aims to find out. The project has been set up to assess the current Cloud Computing market in Europe, identify barriers to cloud adoption and provide tools to boost its growth in the region.

With a total budget of over €50 billion, the project will primarily analyse practices across Europe and identify the conditions for successful adoption.

“We will cover all the main issues around cloud and give a clear overview on a number of topics, such as current cloud trends, critical success factors to overcome major technical barriers, data privacy and compliance requirements, and recommendations for quality of service and cloud SLA,” said Dalibor Baskovc, Vice President of EuroCloud Europe, one of the project’s partners.

The European Commission has released information which states that Cloud Computing will save individuals and organisations an average of 10 to 20% on data processing, which is a very attractive benefit.

Cloud Computing experts Bernard Golden, J.P Morgenthal and Jared Carstensen co-authored ‘Cloud Computing: Assessing the Risks’, a book that provides an up-to-date, clear and comprehensive guide to the security, governance, risk, and compliance elements of Cloud Computing. I highly recommend those looking to adopt Cloud Computing make purchasing this book their first step.

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