Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks in 2024 in Europe

2,265,054,405 known records breached so far in 457 publicly disclosed incidents

This page provides an overview of the year’s biggest publicly disclosed incidents in Europe, the sectors most often breached, month-on-month trends, links to our monthly European reports, and more.

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Top European data breach statistics for 2024

Note: Given that we’re at the start of a new year, the totals currently only account for Q1 2024. To help you put these figures into context, we’ve provided the Q4 2023 numbers.

Top 10 biggest breaches of 2024 in Europe (so far)

Note 1: Where ‘around’, ‘about’, etc. is reported, we record the rounded number. Where ‘more than’, ‘at least’, etc. is reported, we record the rounded number plus one. Where ‘up to’, etc. is reported, we record the rounded number minus one.

Note 2: For incidents where we only know the file size of the data breached, we use the formula 1 MB = 1 record. Given that we can’t know the exact numbers, as it depends on the types of records included (e.g. pictures and medical histories are considerably larger files than just names and addresses), we err on the side of caution by using this formula. We believe that this underestimates the records breached in most cases, but it is more accurate than not providing a number at all.

Most breached sectors of 2024 in Europe

Note: To make these statistics as informative as possible, the percentages exclude the ‘multiple’, ‘other’ and ‘unknown’ sectors.

Note 1: The following graphs reflect our most up-to-date data – in other words, they account for data corrections when more information about certain incidents comes to light after we publish our monthly reports. There may therefore be discrepancies with our monthly reports, particularly older ones.

Note 2: We’ve included Q4 2023 data to help you put these figures into context. As we collect more 2024 data, we’ll remove the 2023 data from this page.

Note 3: To avoid skewing the data, for the global figures, the following graphs have excluded two outlier events: the Europol action in December 2023, affecting 443 organisations; the MOAB in January 2024, affecting 3,876 organisations and 26 billion records; the thousands of compromised Ray servers in March 2024; and the 916 misconfigured Google Firebase websites in March 2024, affecting 124,605,664 records .

Known records breached

Publicly disclosed security incidents

Note: We improved our incident-finding processes in November 2023; this is part of the reason the number of incidents is so low for October 2023.

Data breached

Note: These exclude publicly disclosed incidents where we don’t know for sure whether data was breached, or where a cyber attack only led to e.g. a service disruption but not a data breach.

Remedial action

Regulator notification/involvement

Individual notification

Ransomware attacks

Supply chain attacks

The top 2 biggest breaches in Europe in March 2024

The top 2 biggest breaches in Europe in February 2024

The top 2 biggest breaches in Europe in January 2024

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