Cyber criminal sentenced to 50 months for his role in hacking campaign

50 months in prison and a USD$14M bill – that’s the sentence German Qendrim Dobruna received for his role in a cyber attack on US Banks that cost millions of dollars.

Acting US attorney for the Eastern District of New York Kelly T. Currie explained the attack:

“The defendants and his co-conspirators participated in a massive 21st century heist that stretched around the globe. Using sophisticated methods, the organization reached into the computer systems of American-based corporations and transmitted illegally obtained private financial information to confederates in 18 different countries who stole millions of dollars from hundreds of ATMs in a matter of hours.”

Dobruna – known online as known as “closEd” and “cLoz” – and his associates began their attack by hacking into a credit card processor’s computer systems. From there, they removed withdrawal limits on prepaid debit card accounts and shared the card numbers with associates around the globe.

These numbers were then put onto counterfeit debit cards and used for unauthorized transactions.

“Today’s sentence serves as a warning to cybercriminals around the world that law enforcement is committed to solving these cybercrimes, no matter how sophisticated, and bringing the perpetrators to justice, wherever they may be found,” said Currie.

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