Cyber attacks peak as Catalan independence polls open

Catalan independenceAccording to the President of Catalonia, Artur Mas, ‘organised cyber attacks’ multiplied by 60,000 on Sunday when Catalan independence polls opened.

Spanish press reported that Catalonian government official websites went offline throughout the weekend, and pro-independence organisations – such as Catalonia’s Municipal Association for Independence (AMI) – received a systematic wave of calls with no one on the other end of the line.

The vote, which called for Catalan independence from Spain, is not recognised by Madrid.

According to El Confidencial, the Catalan Government suggested that the attacks could have come from Spanish Government agencies or hackers of Spanish origin who oppose the separatist movement.

Cyber attacks on events that spark controversy or draw attention are becoming more frequent.

Recently, Australian businesses were warned of a wave of cyber attacks as Brisbane welcomes the G20 summit, and the London Olympics in 2012 had to deal with six major cyber attacks while it was running.

Alan Calder, founder and executive chairman of IT Governance, says, “The international cyber threat landscape is increasing in complexity and severity on a daily basis.

“The threat of a data security incident – and its associated costs – is something all organisations will want to avoid. European organisations worried about the increased cyber risk should know that an ISO 27001-compliant ISMS is the only credible solution to cyber threats.”

ISO27001 seen as the only credible solution

ISO 27001 is the only standard to approach information security as an enterprise-wide concern. Addressing people and processes, as well as technological measures, ISO 27001 provides all organisations, regardless of their size, sector or location, with a best-practice approach to securing their information assets. Accredited certification to the Standard is accepted globally as an indication of good cyber security.

To help European organisations implement ISO 27001, IT Governance is offering the international information security community the special opportunity to spend half a day with globally recognised ISO 27001 experts by attending an online workshop on 27 November 2014.

Cyber security fundamentals: an introduction to ISO 27001 will be led by internationally renowned ISO 27001 authority Alan Calder.

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