Courts Service issues warning to Irish law firms

The Courts Service in Ireland has warned Irish law firms of a spam email that has been received by a number of court users. The email claimed to be from the Supreme Court Office in Dublin and contained the subject line “Supreme Court (S.I. No691/2017)) – Immediate Action Required.”

The email also asked recipients to open a PDF attachment that attempted “to divert the user to a website outside the jurisdiction.” The email went on to ask for a number of details to be provided by a deadline of Friday, 21 July.

The Courts Service in Ireland has confirmed that the email was not issued by the Supreme Court Office or the Courts Service.

Firms need to remain vigilant against these kinds of attacks and this new scam reiterates how important it is for staff to know what an imitation email could look like and the potential consequences.

Given that there’s no way to prevent all phishing attacks from reaching their targets, the only way to mitigate this risk is to make sure everyone in the organisation knows how to detect and respond to a phishing attack.

To help staff do this, IT Governance offers a Phishing Staff Awareness Course that provides everything you need to know about how phishing attacks work, how to spot them and the best practices to follow to stay secure. We have also created an infographic that contains facts and advice on how to identify whether your staff are vulnerable to phishing attacks.

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