Chip equipment manufacturing giant announces breach

ASML-logo-635Microchip equipment manufacturer ASML has announced that its systems recently suffered a breach.

“ASML Holding recently discovered unauthorised access to a limited portion of its IT systems”, the company said, adding that it “took immediate steps to contain the breach and is conducting an ongoing investigation.”

A “limited” amount of data was accessed in the attack on Netherlands-based ASML, whose customers include Intel and Samsung.

“ASML has not found any evidence that valuable files, either from ASML or our customers and suppliers, have been compromised”, the company stated.

It is unknown who the attackers were and when it took place, but it’s believed to have happened either late last year or early this year.

As expected, anonymous sources are pointing the finger at Chinese state hackers, but without any hard evidence, I’m not going to go down that road.





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