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Why is business continuity management so important?

BCM (business continuity management) is the process of planning for disruptive incidents. Organisations do this by identifying potential threats and analysing their impact on its day-to-day operations. Effective BCM ensures that an organisation is able to provide an acceptable service in the …

The evolution of ITIL: How the framework has reshaped IT service management

A new version of ITIL® was released this year, providing more nuanced and practical guidance on ITSM (IT service management). Although ITIL 4 is markedly different from its predecessors, each iteration shares the same essential framework, concept and knowledge. Let’s take a look at how ITIL has evolved and what the latest version contains. 

How do you create an increased service management culture in IT?

In any organisation or group of individuals, there are learned and shared patterns of behaviour or shared values that give us the culture of that organisation or group. Good, or bad, customer service is catching and can become engrained in the organisation’s culture. Traditional IT can sometimes lose sight of what the business as a whole …