Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification

IT Governance led the world’s first ISO 27001 certification project and we’ve been at the forefront of the cyber security initiative ever since. Certification to ISO/IEC 27001 demonstrates to existing and potential customers that you have taken the necessary steps to protect your business, and is proof of effective internal security practices, giving you a competitive edge.  

Other ways in which ISO 27001 certification can benefit you and your organisation: 

  • Avoid hefty fines. ISO 27001 is the accepted global benchmark for the effective management of information assets. It enables organisations to avoid the costly penalties associated with non-compliance with data protection requirements and the financial losses resulting from data breaches.  
  • Protect your reputation. Cyber attacks are on the increase in Ireland, and can have a massive impact on your organisation and its reputation. An ISO 27001-certified ISMS (information security management system) helps protect your organisation and keeps you out of the headlines! 
  • Comply with business, legal, contractual and regulatory requirements. ISO 27001 certification is also in line with rigid regulatory requirements such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the NIS Directive (Directive on security of network and information systems) and other cyber security laws. 
  • Improve structure and focus. When an organisation grows rapidly, it does not take long before there is confusion around responsibility for information assets. ISO 27001 helps organisations set up clear information risk responsibilities.  
  • Reduce the need for frequent audits. ISO 27001 certification is globally accepted and demonstrates effective security, reducing the need for repeat customer audits.  

IT Governance is the world’s leading provider of classroom and online ISO 27001 training. Our team has helped more than 7,000 professionals with ISO 27001 training. We can help you too. 

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