Are you prepared for a breach? Take our quiz to find out!

From Facebook and Ticketmaster to Eir, recent headlines in Ireland have been dominated by high-profile data breaches affecting organisations both at home and abroad. 

Data breaches are becoming more severe and increasingly common – according to Ponemon Institute’s 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study, one in four organisations will suffer a breach. Despite this, many organisations are still unprepared. 

If you were to suffer a breach, how would you fare? Take our quiz to find out how you score against the Data Protection Commission’s key data breach reporting criteria. 

A high score suggests you’ll be able to minimise reputational damage and penalties, but a low score indicates that you have a lot to do – and urgently! 

Whatever your score, we’ll give you access to our free resources and pointers about the steps you can take to improve your breach readiness. 

The quiz takes less than two minutes to complete, and you will get an initial free assessment of your data breach readiness. 

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