A career in Information Security: Have you got what it takes?

According to a Eurostat report, unemployment throughout Europe has reached another record high. 19.38 million people were out of work this April, where both Greece and Spain had unemployment rates of over 25%.

However, jobs in information security have seen some of the highest growth rates in the past ten years, which is not surprising considering the increasing amount of security threats and consequently stricter regulations facing organisations. A job in information security looks after an organisation’s most valuable assets: its information. Protection from malware, hackers, unhappy employees and natural disasters requires fine skills to ensure the integrity of the information.

So we’re asking: have you got what it takes for a career in information security?

If you’re in the IT industry already (or have been in previous jobs) and want to progress in your career, add valuable certificates to your CV, increase your earning potential and open up your career paths, then we invite you to take a look at a career in information security.

From foundation through to Lead Implementer online training courses, you can study for a qualification that is recognised worldwide and will boost your career opportunities. The training draws on ISO 27001 best practices (the information security standard that an information security management system should be aligned with) and delivers a comprehensive education of the subject to aid you in your career.

Our Lead Implementer online training course is especially applicable for European IT professionals as it offers online (live) training, which means no travel or hotel expenses and less time away from the office/home.

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