5 steps to an effective ISO 27001 risk assessment

Risk assessments are one of the most important parts of an organisation’s ISO 27001 compliance project. It’s impossible to put expensive and time-consuming measures in place for every risk that you might face, so you should use the assessment stage to gauge your biggest priorities and allocate resources responsibly.

Performing a risk assessment can be tricky, but this blog simplifies the process by breaking it down into five simple steps.

1. Establishing a risk management framework

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Join Sharon O’Reilly in the third webinar in our ISO 27001 webinar series, ‘Conducting a cybersecurity risk assessment’, which will introduce you to the steps that should be taken to assess the information security risks your organisation will face, including:

  • The five-step approach to conducting a risk assessment;
  • Information security versus cyber security;
  • Choosing appropriate risk treatment options;
  • Unpacking the key controls necessary for effective cyber security;
  • Reviewing, monitoring and reporting on the risk assessment; and
  • ISO 27001 and effective information security risk management.

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