37,000 Eir customers affected by data breach

Eir, one of Ireland’s leading telecoms companies, announced last week that personal details of up to 37,000 customers were affected by a data breach.

The company said that an unencrypted laptop was stolen on 12 August, containing customer and employee personal details, including names, email addresses and customer numbers. No financial details had been breached.

According to Eir, the theft happened off-site.

The DPC (Data Protection Commissioner), Ireland’s supervisory authority, and the Gardaí have been notified of the breach. Eir is keeping the DPC up to date about the incident and the remedial action being taken, and the DPC will continue to closely monitor this situation.


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Since the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into effect in May, the DPC has dealt with 60 reports of data breaches logged by organisations and more than 1,300 GDPR queries.

The GDPR’s mandatory notification requirements are likely to pose significant challenges to many organisations and require careful planning to ensure maximised compliance.

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