3 fundamental IT issues and how you can resolve them

Every organisation has its own unique challenges, but some issues are so fundamental to business operations that they are practically universal.

This blog outlines three common problems, and offers a solution for understanding and tackling them.


1. Staff awareness

According to Leron Zinatullin, author of The Psychology of Information Security, one of the biggest problems that organisations face is their staff’s inability to follow information security best practices.

The primary reasons for this are that they don’t fully understand what they’re protecting or don’t perceive it as a top priority, or the organisation’s security mechanisms are unnecessarily complex.


2. Inaccurate or missing information

Organisations must be able to count on the accuracy of the information they possess and the assurance that it’s stored in the correct place. Failure to do this is not only a breach of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and, in the case of financial records, the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), but it will also affect the organisation’s ability to provide a reliable service.

However, safeguarding information is easier said than done. All employees are prone to human error, and without the necessary measures in place, their mistakes won’t be noticed until it’s too late. There’s also the risk of digital files being corrupted or becoming incompatible with new systems.


3. Keeping web apps secure

The term ‘web application security’ is usually used in reference to common cyber attack methods such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting. However, it’s worth remembering that web application security is about both the application and the web.

Crooks are increasingly exploiting web application platforms and protocols, and organisations must ensure their defences cover these vulnerabilities.


Resolving these issues

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