1 in 8 cyber attacks successful in Denmark

A recent survey by the Danish Society of Engineers’ IT subsidiary, IDA-it, concluded that two thirds of businesses had experienced a cyber attack, and that up to one in eight cyber attacks carried out against Danish organisations are successful. IDA-it surveyed people working in IT or personal data related roles in the public and private sector.

Kåre Løvgren, IDA-it’s chairperson, said that organisations should share methods and experiences to combat the problem. A sub-division of the Danish National Police security agency, the Centre for Cyber Security, said that the threat level of cyber espionage against Denmark was “very serious”, with foreign states and criminal networks carrying out attacks to gather personal data and state secrets.

Centre for Cyber Security head Thomas Lund-Sørensen told Danish agency Ritzau that “Denmark must accept that it is now a target for threats of this kind.”

He continued: “[The threat] is particularly from cyber espionage, in which foreign states try to access our secrets through public systems or private companies, this may be of foreign policy, defence or military character. It is a threat that has existed for many years but is now digital in character.”


Lund-Sørensen added that business management should deal with these types of threats by taking “relevant and sensible precautions to protect their networks, or ensure they have a plan for what to do if they are hit by a cyber-attack”.

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