1 in 5 Irish companies held to ransom demands by cyber criminals in the last 12 months

Following the recent WannaCry attacks which again thrust cyber security and its importance into the spotlight, TechPro carried out a survey on over 170 IT professionals and decision makers in Ireland.

This survey found that Irish businesses are increasingly being targeted by ransomware and more notably the success level is quite high. One in five companies in Ireland have in the past 12 months become a victim to ransomware, the same malware used in the WannaCry attacks.

Over 50% of Irish firms admitted that they have seen an increase in security incidents in their organisation this year.

The ransom demand for 64% of organisations was said to be less than €1,000, however, only 14% said they would pay the ransom if the data was valuable enough to warrant it. Almost half of all companies surveyed said they would not pay any ransom regardless of how valuable the data was to their organisation.

With data rules set to receive a major overhaul next year with the introduction of the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) it was surprising to find that only half of all companies surveyed said they would inform third parties impacted by the breach. Given that this course of action would result in these companies breaching the GDPR it highlights again that many Irish organisations still haven’t begun preparations for this incoming regulation.

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